Online Boxing Coaching Course for Role Model Dads

Guide your child through the boxing ranks by becoming their very own 1-2-1 professionally trained boxing coach. Teach them not only how it feels to win, but how it feels to leave a legacy in the boxing game!


Encourage at-home training for the days between gym sessions

Training, accountability and most of all support to ensure you are giving your child the best possible start in their boxing career. Bonding, fun and exercise combine in this set of online videoswhich will propel your child to the top dog in the gym, even when they're not there.

The more they practice; the better they will become

Boxing requires effort, time and dedication. But how is your child suppossed to get that from the boxing gym which is only open two nights a week and has dozens of other children to teach?


Structured Training

Our training modules are split up into bitesize drills to ensure minimal theory and maximum practical.

Low Monthly Cost

The price of this course is less than what you would normally pay at the boxing gym, but WAY MORE valuable.

Discounted Training Gear

Wework with some of boxing's biggest suppliers and cascade that cost saving through to you, our coaching students.

Online Boxing Community

Get access to our private Facebook group, Slack channel and forum to share drills and techniques with other role model dads.

Be the Equivalent of a Professional Trainer

The knowledge that you will gian in this course will equip you with the EXACT same knowledge that professional boxing coaches learn and teach to their students. By learning these techinques for yourself, you are single-handedly becoming your child's single greatest boxing asset.


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